Our international expertise is applicable on the following subjects:

  • Career development; assessments and capacity research

  • Diversity; we focus on capacities, not on descent

  • Organisation in change

  • Leadership development; pinpointing and supporting discipline

  • Sustainability human capital; giving coworkers insights in their capacities and possibilities

  • Optimizing teams

  • Team development; training and coaching



ToekomstNavigatie optimizes work relations between leading managers, teams and its coherence.

Doing so, ToekomstNavigatie uses thorough and internationally validated assessments, concrete coaching and specific team interventions.

We are unique in our personal and team analyses, because they are always based on concrete data. This way the insights become visual and growth is being stimulated.

ToekomstNavigatie is internationally valued for their clear communication and honest feedback.


Business is social business (Mary Parket Follet, 1930).

We strongly believe that both soft and hard skills are essential to cope in the current change in business.

Combining all the individual knowledge and skills, makes the future’s most powerful grow-multiplier.

The result is:

  • professional interaction

  • applied situational leadership