What we do

FutureNavigation (ToekomstNavigatie) supports companies and employees with career advice, assessments, coaching on personal and team development.

Based on internationally validated and professional test analyses, we provide the client with a profound insight and navigation. In the additional follow up, FutureNavigation offers an excellent tailor made development program, called K.I.T.E.

The result is that the client has been given sufficient and profound information based on our test analyses. Subsequently, the client's strategy has become clear and evident. 

FutureNavigation’s international broad expertise on test analyses, executive coaching, team development and organizational transition has been proven to be of great added value for international listed organizations on strategic and HR level.

Our price/quality ratio is indisputably the best.


K.I.T.E. is an acronym for Knowing how to Implement your Talents Effectively.

FutureNavigation is aware of her own talents and expertise and proudly uses her network to be of added value in both her individual and team development.


WHO we are

ToekomstNavigatie was founded by David Pezaro and Anne-Marie Kayser.

David Pezaro (1958) is specialized in measurable career and talent development, training and executive coaching. He is a popular analyst and coach for both local businesses and well-known multinationals. His sharp analyses and direct approach are guaranteed for a clear and applicable advice.

Anne-Marie Kayser (1984) is a developmental psychologist and has worked in high schools, universities and the top-level sport. Her expertise as a trainer / coach lies within personal development and anxiety reduction (eg. fear of failing). She adds a scientific approach to the test analyses. 

Through the years, enthusiastic partners have joined the ToekomstNavigatie team. It has formed ToekomstNavigatie to a dynamic group of people, all educated psychologists, coaches and HRD professionals.

Anna Bouman is HRD-professional.

Hugo Meijs is an international professional on simulations. He creates a podium for managers, to enable them to address their message credibly.

prof. dr. Eus van Someren is psychophysiologist at the Dutch braininstitute and researcher at GGZ VUmc. He advices ToekomstNavigatie.

Roosmarij de Jeu is developmental psychologist.


ToekomstNavigatie cooperates with national and international companies. Some of which are listed here:

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What makes us absolutely unique is that we thoroughly analyse the test results, connect the numerous insights, and summarize this extensive information into a clarifying report. The analyses and report will be discussed in a professional and highly interhuman debrief. 



An extensive analyses, based on 4 internationally validated tests. The tests are digital and can be completed at home. Full Navigator provides a 360˚ image of your talents and possibilities and offers tangible tools to put these talents to use. The Full Navigator consists of a thorough analyses and report, and a debrief / guidance of 2 hours.  We recommend the Full Navigator for a comprehensive career and study advice.


This is the Full Navigator program, plus an interview. This program is used for employment, supporting HR and managers. 


This combined overview consists of at least one internationally validated test. A Dashboard gives an answer to whether someone is capable of doing job specific tasks. In the debrief, we also discuss the possibilities in development.


The tests are a perfect starting point for goal-oriented coaching. ToekomstNavigatie has excellent results in step by step guidance to the desired goal. 


ToekomstNavigatie offers training programs, based on a modular design. The programs consider the practical implementation as well as  the psychological side. The programs are intensive and result driven.


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